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Shani Shingnapur
September 2018 Admin Blog home
Shani Shingnapur

Pune - Shani Shingnapur
  • Distance - 165kms (4hrs)
  • No of days - 2
  • Around 80 kms before Shirdi, is an open air temple dedicated to Shani. The road from Nagar road to Shignapur is narrow and four laning is in progress which causes traffic snarls later in the day. Just before entry to the village, there is a toll booth charging Rs 2.00 per person as entry tax. They do give the receipt for the same.

    You can pay & park your car at Shani Shingapur parking area @ Rs. 20.00. There is no need to go to the private parking area, which is about 50 meters before the Shani Shingapur official parking (pay & park) on the same side of the road. When we reached the temple parking, there were quite a few guides who were offering paid tour of the temple. People are helpful and will help one with directions to the temple. Shani Shingnapur is considered as Swayambhu Temple.

    The offering here is oil and Gingelly seeds and there are plenty of shops selling those outside the temple. Darshan can be completed in an hours time at Shani Shignapur. We spent about 30 Minutes in the temple to have Darshan of Shani God, take Prasad and pay Rs. 100/= at Temple counter for Abhishek which they said would be done on Saturday by the name on receipt.

    We were told by the shopkeepers that the area of the village is about 2 Miles each direction and there are no doors on houses/shops/banks in this village as there is no theft at all.

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