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Srirangapatna is located in Karnataka around 15kms from Mysore and 125kms from Bengaluru. Housed as a river island in the Kaveri river, the place holds the celebrated Vaishnavite temple of Ranganathaswamy and ofcourse Tipu Sultan's resting place. Although we could not make it to the temple, we made it a point to see the other points of interest.

This welcome board.
Welcome board to Srirangapatana

The Kaveri river
Kaveri river Srirangapatna

Colonel Baileys Dungeon
We head to the Colonel Baileys Dungeon. There was nothing much to see in the dungeon. It was a big hall with pillars. There are some stones fixed to the dungeon wall. The prisoners were supposed to be tied and beaten. Captain Bailey's Dungeon was used to imprison British officers. Tipu Sultan used to keep British Senior Officers here and torture them.

Colonel Baileys Dungeon

Colonel Baileys Dungeon

 SrirangapatnaColonel Baileys Dungeon

what to see in Srirangapatna

sightseeing Srirangapatna

Srirangapatna tipu sultan prison

top places see Srirangapatna

dungeon Srirangapatna

Place of Martyrdom or The Obelisk
A fenced area with a stone marks the area where his body was found. It is the spot where Tippu Sultan breathed his last in the legendary battle of Srirangapatna against the British in 1799. He was killed due to the betrayal of his own men who passes the info of the water gate to the British through which they breached the fort. His body lay there for two days before it was noticed by the locals. The commemorative Obelisk is located in a small envelopment nearby where no one is not allowed to enter.

Tipus resting place Srirangapatna

Place of Martyrdom Tipu Sultan

Jama Masjid or masjid-i-Ala
It was built during the regime of Tipu Sultan during 1786-87. There is a madarsa inside the mosque. An elegant one with two pillars that resemble a bit of Hindu architecture. There is a large prayer hall, the Mihrab, on the western side. There is an inscription that mentions all the ninety-nine names of Allah. The monument has a flight of about 200 steps leading to the top of the minarets from where one can have a splendid view of the surrounding area. Persian scriptures in fine calligraphy and intricate ornamentation decorate the walls and ceilings of this Jama Masjid.

Jama Masjid mosque Srirangapatna

masjid i ala Srirangapatna

mosque madarsa

tipu sultan mosque madarsa

madarsa Srirangapatanaa

The madarsa is still functional
Mosque madarsa srirangapatana

Though a lot was left back to be seen, being in short of time we had to continue our journey back, to promise a revisit the places let unseen.

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