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Aihole in Badami

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Aihole temples in Badami Karnataka
  • Bengaluru to Aihole is 450kms/9hrs
  • Aihole is 34kms from Badami
  • What to see - The ancient Buddhist Hindu and Jain monuments. There are around 120 stone and cave temples.
  • Located - Malaprabha river valley.
  • To eat - KSTDC Hotel Mayura
  • Stay - Badami
  • Entry fee - Entry fee is Rs 25/-

  • Aihole was earlier called Aryapura.This was the Chakukyan regional capital 4th and 6th centuries with temple architecture in it's embryonic stage. Aihole has over a 100 temples scattered around the village. The Durga temple is unique in conception.

    An interesting story that I learnt was why this place is called Aihole - after killing all the Kshatriyas ( rulers & warriors), went to river Mahaprabha to wash his axe, upon which the water turned Red. Some people from the village saw the Red coloured water and shouted in panic " Ayya Hole" Ayya Hole"! Now a days this place is called Aihole.

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    Half a day is required for sightseeing. Many temples are being renovated here. The best time would be to make it in the morning and evening.

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