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Maharashtra tourBengaluru - Aurangabad - Nasik - GoaTotal No of days - 16Dated - June 2019

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16 days 3800 kms road trip summary - KA-MH-GA in our Tata Safari

In a nutshell
  • Day 1 - Bangalore - Hampi
  • Day 2 - Bijapur (Vijaypura) - Gol gumbaz
  • Day 3 - Aurangabad
  • Day 4 - Aurangabad - Ellora & Grishneshwar Jyotirling
  • Day 5 - Aurangabad - Lonar Crater & Ajanta Caves
  • Day 6 - Shani Shingapur, Shirdi
  • Day 7 - Shirdi
  • Day 8 - Sula Vineyards (The source) & Trimbakeshwar Jyotirling
  • Day 9 - Singhad, Pune
  • Day 10 - Wai, Panchgani, Mahabaleshwar
  • Day 11 - Mahabaleshwar
  • Day 12 - Ganapati Phule
  • Day 13,14,15 - Goa
  • Day 16 - Bengaluru

  • In detail
    Day 1
    Bangalore - Hampi (360kms/8 hrs)

    Stay - Vijayshree @ Hampi
    What we saw - The ancient Vijayanagara kingdom in Hampi located on the Tungabhadra river. It can be done in a day if we start early morning......
    Missed - Daroji Bear Sanctuary which is a protection centre for the Indian sloth bear.

    Its a huge expanse of twenty acres acres, with lots of trees and well scaped gardens. Around 40 cottages are places in the midst of the sprawling greenery, and its very near to Hampi. Food was ok, rooms also ok.
    Vijayshree resorts hampi

    Hampi Hampi is believed to be the Kishkintha of Ramayana time. Later the rulers of various dynasties from Maurayan to Yadavas have ruled here. The prosperity of the place came to an end with the islamic invasion in the 13th century. In 1335-42 period Harihara and Bukka carved out the Vijayanagara empire with Hampi as their capital. But in 1565AD the battle at Talikota, brought about the downfall of the empire.

    Vittala temple
    Vittala temple hampi

    The stone chariot - seen in our new Rs 50/- note

    Virupaksha temple
    virupaksha temple hampi

    Inside the temple
    inside virupaksha hampi

    Day 2
    Bijapur (Vijaypura) - Gol gumbaz (260 kms/6hrs) - Basava Residency at Bijapur (450kms/9hrs)

    Stay at Basava Residency @ Bijapur
    What we saw - A quick tour of Gol Gumbaz. Built by Mohamed Adilshah. The dome (second largest dome in the world, after the St. Peter's Basilica in Rome) is the whispering gallery where even the softest sound can be heard on the other side of the mausoleum due to the acoustics of the space.
    Missed - The Bijapur fort which has many monuments in the complex.

    gol gumbaz

    Day 3
    Aurangabad (400kms/9hrs)

    Stay - Gymkhana Club

    The stay was good....but hardly we got to see and use the facilities here as we were travelling all the time. A google pic

    Gymkhana Club aurangabad

    Would highly recommend the veg thali of Bhoj Restaurant. Found it on Google, but the food was just awesome....
    Bhoj Restaurant

    The thali
    shahi bhoj aurangabad

    Day 4
    Ellora(35 kms from hotel) & Grishneshwar Jyotirling (8kms from Ellora)

    Ellora caves is one of the largest rock-cut monastery-temple cave complexes in the world, having Buddhist, Hindu and Jain monuments. The Cave 16 is features the largest single monolithic rock excavation in the world, the Kailasha temple, a chariot shaped monument dedicated to Lord Shiva. Kailasa temple
    ellora caves

    Kailasa temple ellora

    There are nearly 100 caves at the site, some worth seeing some really damaged. A guide comes handy at this point who shows you the best, and guides you through the ancient history. On foot going through the entire caves will wear you out. Some more pics......
    ellora aurangabad

    ellora caves maharashtra

    Grishneshwar Jyotirling
    It is considered the last or twelfth Jyotirlinga of Shiva. Its a small temple, and since photography is not allowed inside, only could take this one.
    Grishneshwar Jyotirling

    Day 5
    Lonar Crater(140kms/4.5 hrs) & Ajanta Caves (141kms/6hrs)

    Lonar Lake was created by a meteor impact, way back in history. The water in the lake is both saline and alkaline. The water of the lake contains various salts and sodas. During dry weather, when evaporation reduces the water level, large quantities of soda are collected.
    lonar crater

    The drive from Lonar to Ajanta was quite long, roads were bad.
    ajanta caves

    ajanta caves aurangabad

    Day 6
    Shirdi (115 kms/ 4hrs)

    Stay - Oyo Netra Sai
    Visit - Shri Saibaba temple.

    shirdi nasik

    Day 7
    Shirdi - Shani Shingapur( 95kms/ 4hrs)

    Shani Shingapur

    Day 8
    Sula Vineyards (The source) (100kms/4hrs) & Trimbakeshwar Jyotirling (30 kms from Sula)

    Stay - The Source at Sula.
    What we did - Wine tasting tour, cycling in the vineyards, visit Triambakeshwar jyotirling.

    sula source

    sula vineyards

    sula nasik

    sula wines nasik

    Trimbakeshwar Jyotirling

    Day 9
    Singhad, Pune (260kms/7hrs)

    Stay - The Heritage resort
    What we did - trek to Singhad fort and click picks.

    Singhad fort

    Singhad fort pune

    Day 10
    Mahabaleshwar (115kms/5hrs)

    Stay Club Mahindra Mahabaleshwar Sherwood
    What we saw - Wai, Dhoom and Panchagani


    Harrisons folly
    Harrisons folly


    Day 11

    Roam around the markets...

    Day 12
    Ganapati Phule (200kms/7hrs)

    Stay - Club mahindra
    What we saw - the beach

    Day 13,14,15
    Goa (300kms/8.5 hrs)

    What we did - Chill and enjoy the beaches of Goa

    benaulim beach


    morjim beach

    varca beach

    Day 16
    Bengaluru (630 kms/ 13 hrs)
    That was a long drive back......

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