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The weekend trip to Ajmer and PushkarDelhi - Pushkar Total No of days - 3Dated - July 2018

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Weekend at Pushkar

  • No of days - 3 (Start Friday - Saturday - Sunday return)
  • Stay - Treebo Pushkar Legacy in Pushkar
  • Trip dated - July 2018
  • Distance - 400 kms (7.5hrs)
  • Route - Delhi - Jaipur - Kishangarh - Pushkar

  • Pushkar is an amazing place to visit in monsoons, the rains, greenery and the lush wind is a awesome feeling to sink into. Treebo offers a good stay in the outskirts of Pushkar near Gurudwara Sahib, facing the hills, open and well manicured lawns, the pool was the perfect relaxing spot. There are quite a lot of German cafes around at walking distance like Funky Monkey cafe, Mango tree pizzeria etc. Being offseason most of the cafes were closed, just Mango tree was open where we had some amazing pizzas, pastas and pancakes for dinner. Some pics of Treebo Pushkar Legacy....

    Visit to Pushkar temple
    Pushkar is said to be one of the oldest cities in India, surrounded by the snake shaped mountains in three sides. It is said to be the Rose Garden of Rajasthan and the most pious place where Lord Brahma dropped his lotus to form a lake. Having the only Brahma temple in the world, Hindus consider a journey to Pushkar a must to attan salvation.

    In the morning we visit Brahma temple, the parking is a bit away from the temple, one can just walk or have an auto which charges Rs 10 per person and leaves you till the barricade of the temple. From here the walk to the tirth kund is hardly 5 mins past the temple. There you will be chased by pundits who make you do pujas with hus and wife and even alone if you are single. He amuses you at times, as to they are fooling around or seriously following some custom or ritual, anyway a donation office is pointed to and one has to offer some money here...

    The auto ride to temple

    Lunch at Mamta Restaurant

    The Brahma temple does not allow the entry of bags and mobiles, there are shops, where you can keep them. The temple is dedicated to Lord Brahma and his second wife, Gayatri. The temple opens around 7 and closes at 1:30 to 4pm. Brahma's two consorts Savitri and Gayatri mentioned in the legend also have separate temples erected for them in Pushkar, on hills at opposite ends of the lake. The first consort Savitri, who cursed Brahma, is described to be still seating annoyed and enraged in her shrine on the highest hill in Pushkar, while Gayatri afraid of Savatri's wrath sits at a lower hill at the other end, the eastern side of the lake. The Atpateshwar temple, which is in a cave next to the Brahma temple, is dedicated to Shiva.

    Puja at the ghats

    Back from temple

    Rest at parking area

    The next we vist Krishna who gives you a wonderful massage and also is a good baker.

    In the afternoon we visit "The Stitching project" started by Fiona an Australian who employes local women and empowers in bringing out the finest textiles, quilts, crafts and other homewares. Were totally inspired by her story as to how she started it and the difficulties she goes through to run the work. A very encouraging lady.

    With Fiona

    Dargah Ajmer Sherif is around 14 kms from the hotel. We took our cars along in the evening, where we got a private parking and walked to the Dargah, being a Saturday its crowded but the hustle and bustle brings a life to the place. Some pics..

    The opening and closing timings of Dargah Sharif

    We have dinner from Mango tree pizzeria back in Pushkar, pasta, pizza and pancakes....they were too good plus the ambience and service is worth a mention.

    The next morning we visit Savitri Mata temple. Early morning we leave for Savitri mata temple, the ropeway opens at 7am, there is a flight of about 1000 stairs leading to the top. The ropeway is in itself an experience with the beautiful bird eye view of Pushkar city. Sunset will be awesome here, do not carry prasad as monkey menence is there, the ropeway glasses are not clear to permit photography.

    Ticket counter

    Ticket rates to Savitri mata temple ropeway

    In the afternoon we have a camel cart ride. Bargaining is a must as we had a cart ride of one hour for Rs 900/-They show you the rose garden, amla garden, the fort, take you to a market like place where Rajasthani dance, costumes etc are there...to click photos, horse ride etc....

    By 2pm we start our drive back to Delhi.

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