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Bangalore - Tirupati - Mamallapuram - PondicherryBangalore - Tirupati - Mamallapuram - PondicherryTotal No of days - 7-8Dated - June 2016

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Banglore - Tirupati Road trip log Tirupati - Mamallapuram Road trip log Mamallapuram - Pondicherry Road trip log Pondicherry - Bangalore Road trip log

Roadtrip Bengaluru - Tirupati - Mamallapuram - Pondicherry

  • Bengaluru Tirupati - 232kms
  • Tirupati - Mamallapuram 197kms
  • Mamallapuram - Pondicherry 115kms
  • Pondicherry - Bangalore 370kms

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    Mamallapuram or Mahabalipuram as it was earlier called is around 60kms from Chennai, on the coast of Bay of Bengal. The drive from Tirupati to this beautiful place was a breeze, took us nearly 4 hrs. It was once an ancient historic town and a bustling seaport, but doesn’t seem so today. Around 1pm we reach, Raddison blu which is a beautiful location to chill just by the beach. The rooms have beautiful beach views. The resort is just on the beach, and has a entry but the sea is rough so its not advised to get down. There are two swimming pools in the hotel, a walk around the place itself is quite refreshing.

    Breakfast break

    Kumbhakonam Degree Coffee

    After some rest, in the eve we visit the rock cut monuments and the Shore temple. The Pallava king Narasimhavarman was the patron behind these rock cut sculptures. The Arjuna's penance is the world's largest bas relief panel here. Arjuna is said to have meditated to Lord Shiva here. The sculpture of the family of monkeys, Krishna's butter ball, Krishna mandapam, Adivaraha cave temple etc are some other sculptures here. An old man (Sorry! forgot his name) joined us as a guide and he kept narrating the importance as well as the sculptures before us. We enjoyed the sunset at the Shore temple before returning back. The Shore temple is the signature of Mahabalipuram, at times the waves sweep right into the temple. There were 7 temples here, but all lost during 2005 Tsunami just one remains. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, Parvati and their sons Vinayaka and Kartikeya.

    From Mamallapuram our next stop was Pondicherry. We took the ECR road to Pondicherry and reached within 3 hrs, roads are good and drive is all through the sea coast....Club Mahindra at Pondicherry was a good place to relax.

    Its a rustic finish, with basic rooms in thick canopy of plants. One can walk down to the beach. Beaches are neat and clean, but the waves are rough. Hence it was advised to stay within safe limits. Kids had a good time in the pool. In the eve we leave for sightseeing, we visit the Nehru market pick up some handloom products of Co-optex Tamil Nadu, how to miss the Hide factory store!!! Got a few products at a good 50% margin. We then visit the pearl grey white Aurobindo ashram, a heavenly, calm, serene, positive abode containing the remains of the philosopher Sri Aurobindo Ghosh and his spiritual partner The Mother. The visit was solemn, total pindrop silence, on entry mobiles are to be switched off and no footwear. No offerings can be made here. A good collection of books and cards to pick.

    The Museum and Library didn't excite much, so we left it out. We drive to the beach road in the eve or the so called promenade, its crowded, we walked from one end to the Mahatma Gandhi statue on the other end. Walking by the French War memorial, it was warm, humid and were sweating profusely, so we decided to wind up for the evening and head back. Enroute our cabbie takes us through the french colony, we walk down to see the beauty of the buildings, clean roads, beautiful well kept colourful homes, and tasty restaurants.

    Auroville is 28 kms away from our hotel, so we had to miss it out. Paradise beach is 14 kms, French war memorial is 18kms, so a day more was required to visit the above....The next day we drive back to Bangalore.

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