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Weekend trip to Bharatpur & Deeg PalaceDelhi - Bharatpur - Deeg palaceTotal No of days - 2Dated - Oct 2018

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Places visited - Keoladeo national park and Deeg palace
Stay - Hotel Park Regency Bharatpur
Distance - Delhi - Bharatpur 220kms
Deeg Palace is 32 kms away from Bharatpur

Saturday early morning we start for Bharatpur National park, migratory birds had started to come in, Hari Singh our guide informed. So we reach by 9am and checked in at Hotel Park Regency Oyo room. We have stayed here before, and their rooms and food is ok. So after check in we hire a cycle rickshaw, while Bhavana hires a bicycle. Some pictures....

Keoladeo National Park

bharatpur bird sanctuary

Keoladeo Ghana National Park

Bharatpur birds

weekend trip Bharatpur

Darter Bharatpur

painted stork
Painted stork Bharatpur

Parrot bharatpur national park

Hoopee Bharatpur national park

Grey heron
Grey heron bharatpur national park

These are some pics, will post the detailed photographs of birds in a later travelogue. Do our bird safari in the evening and early morning too. After breakfast we checked out and proceed to Deeg palace.

Deeg is 32 kms from here
Bharatpur deeg palace distance

The entry
entry deeg palace

The parking
Parking deeg palace

ticket rates deeg palace

cost deeg palace tickets

More info about Deeg palace
asi info deeg palace

It is popularly known as Jal mahal and was built by the Jat ruler Maharaja Surajmal and Jawahar Singh. It is entirely built in sandstone. The whole complex has buildings in a well manicured lawn with channels of fountains inbetween. The Gopal Bhavan, Suraj Bhavan, Hardev bhavan, Kishan Bhavan, Keshav Bhavan, Nand Bhavan, etc are some buildings to see with the two artificial water tanks Gopal sagar and Rup sagar.

Jal mahal bharatpur

Deeg palace rajasthan

Deeg palace bharatpur

Deeg palace gardens

Deeg palace fountains

deeg fort images

deeg palace images

deeg palace pictures

weekend trip delhi deeg palace

nearby places delhi deeg palace

what to see in deeg palace

The rulers were a bit inspired by the Mughal style of gardens which is very much evident here. The palace is a quandrangle with well manicured gardens and walkways. The place is considerable cool, as the two tanks on either side cool the air. The Keshav bhavan is called the monsoon pavilion as it branches into five archs, and the walls pierced with minute jets, where the feel of rains with thundererous sounds as metal balls are placed strategically on the channel of the roof, which are ste rolling by the water pressure which creates the effect.

deeg palace rajasthan

the less explored deeg palace

deeg palace

deeg palace

deeg palace

During holi the fountains turn operational, small packets of organic colours are laces in the reservoir hall where the water passing through them changes colours. The temple of Hanuman is also inside.

deeg palace

deeg palace

deeg palace

deeg palace

deeg palace

The palace is well maintained, and a guide could help you more with the channels of fountains and the overhead tank. Also the small holes where the packets of colours are kept. There is a small museum which is not that exiciting. Hanuman temple entry is free. It would be spectacular to see when the colourful fountains are in action.



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